Lash Care Tips

How to apply lashes (Clear Glue):

First you want to remove the lash from the tray with your tweezers. You want the grab the lash from the corners and lightly lift the lash until you can grip and peel it of the tray. 

Now that your lash has been removed from your tray you want to measure the lash to your lash line. Lay the lash on your lash line. If you have excess lash extending past the outer corner of your eye, then you need to trim the excess lash with lash scissors. Reapply the lash to your lash line to make sure the lash fits perfectly on your eye. 

Apply the Clear Lash Glue to the lash band. Let the glue sit on the lash for 15-20 seconds before you apply.

Next you want to pick up your lash with tweezers and begin to apply your lash. Hold your mirror below you or tilt your standing mirror upward so that when you look down into the mirror you see more of your lash line. Start to adhere the middle of the lash and then apply the end and the front of the lash with your tweezers. 

Adjust the lash to fit as close to your lash line as possible. Use tweezers to press the lashes together with your natural lashes. 

You are all set and ready to tackle your day with your glam lashes!



How to apply lashes (Lash Glue Liner):

First you want to apply the liner as close to your lash line as possible. Use the tip of the liner to guide you as you complete your liner. 

I recommend about two to three coats for maximum hold. 

Once you have completed your liner you can immediately apply your lashes to the glue on your lash line. 

Adjust the lashes with your tweezer to position your lashes.

You are all done and ready to go!



How to remove your lashes:

When you are ready to remove your lashes you want to apply some micellar water to a q-tip. Make sure the q-tip is saturated.

Next you want to rub the tip on your lash line. Gently pull on the lashes on the ends that you have applied your q-tip with micellar water. When the glue has softened the lash will easily detach and you can peel them off. Continue to rub the q-tip with micellar water on the lash line until you can peel the lash off easily.

Once the lashes are completely removed you want to gently, with a pair of tweezers, remove the glue from the lash band. Be careful not to pull too hard so that you don't damage the lash band. 



How to store your lashes:

Once your lashes have been removed, you want to store them back into the lash box. This will help to keep dust and dirt off of them. Apply the left lash to the left side and the right lash to the right side. This will make it easier to reapply the lashes to the correct eye when ready to wear.



How to deep clean your lashes:

After several uses you want to deep clean your lashes to remove glue, mascara, and etc. First you want to gently remove the excess chunks of glue off the lash band with tweezers. 

Next you want to take a q-tip with micellar water or a blend of gentle soap and water and rub on the root to the tip of the lashes. Try not to get the mixture on the band of the lash. You only want to focus the brushing of the q-tip on to the lash hair. Continue dipping the q-tip and brushing it through the lashes until they are clean. 

Once the lashes are clean you want to store them back in your case and leave them open to dry. 

After they are completely dry you can brush them with a mascara wand to reform shape. Now they are ready to wear!