About Us

"To be sexy is to be confident, no other requirements necessary." - R.A.W. Skyn Beauty

Our Mission

R.A.W Skyn Beauty was created to encourage our #beauties to love themselves.  We make the world feel our presence with our confidence because that’s what sexy is!

R.A.W Skyn Beauty is more than a beauty brand, it’s a movement! Glam how you want, wear what you want, and be who you want to be, no matter what people say.

We are #RAWSkynBeauties.

Our Founder & CEO

R.A.W. Skyn Beauty was founded by Professional Makeup Artist, Regan Wolfrey. Regan specializes in premier bridal makeup, lifestyle photo shoots, as well as cosmetic education for the everyday women. Think of her as your Fairy Glam Mother! She is passionate about taking care of her clients and creating unforgettable luxurious experiences.

Over the past 6 years of her career she has developed a love for the soft glam looks, with a touch of drama. Regan wants to create a brand that would showcase products that would embrace the inner and outer beauty of her clients. They can feel confident while looking glamorous. From lashes, to lip products, and more. R.A.W Skyn Beauty has a collection of products to bring out the raw beauty in you.